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Set in the epitome of rare natural beauty, where tranquillity meets pure rustic scenery, is our Long Mountain Cabin.Located above the Beverly Hills community,with the Blue Mountains as its backdrop, the view from this cabin is riveting & spectacular.

The Space
The Cabin is ideal for executives, guests, couples, etc. who are visiting Kingston for the first time or returning to our beautiful shores to do business or simply relax.

“Choose To Be Happy!" @ Long Mountain Cabin (LMC) is a fully self contained 900 Sq. Ft. rustic styled luxurious Cabin in an elevated position directly overlooking the city of Kingston.

The Neighborhood
Our 3rd vacation rental property “Choose To Be Happy!” @ Long Mountain Cabin (LMC) which was newly constructed and is situated in Long Mountain Country Club.

Long Mountain Country Club features outstanding rustic styled residences in an elevated position directly overlooking the National Stadium with spectacular views of the Palisados Peninsula, Port Royal and the Caribbean Sea. This is no doubt one of Kingston’s finest gated communities which boasts an incident-free record along with pristine grounds.

“Choose To Be Happy!” @ Long Mountain Cabin (LMC) is located:

- Within 6-8 minutes’ drive of The United States Embassy.

- Within 10-12 minutes’ drive of:

1) New Kingston – Kingston's Corporate Business district
2) Bob Marley Museum – The world famous home of the legendary King of Reggae, a recent stop for US President Barrack Obama.
3) Shopping Malls
4) The Knutsford Express (Bus Station)
5) Emancipation Park
6) The Hope Zoo at the Royal Botanical Gardens
7) Nightclubs, restaurants, international business offices and
8) Embassies such as Canada and the United Kingdom.
9) The CRU Bar and Kitchen offers a fine mixture of elegance and relaxation. Their aim is to provide a wholesome and fulfilling experience, with top quality food, drink/cocktails and a staff that wants to exceed your expectations.

Address 1: 152 East Mountain Pride Avenue

City: Beverley Hills - Saint Andrew

Postal Code: KNG06


Phone: +18768230164


Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 03:00 PM

Check-Out: 09:00 AM

Late Check-Out Hour: 11:00 AM

Late Check-out Fees: $ 25.00

Late check out (after 09:00 AM and before 11:00 AM) may result in a fee.

Property and Cancellation Policies:
CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be in writing. 

Funds paid to “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!”, are refundable, less 10% administrative fees, if reservations are cancelled with at least 30 days’ notice. Full refund will be offered for reservations cancelled with less than 30 days’ notice only if we re-book the reservation. We will make every effort to re-rent your home. If we are able to re-rent the home for the same rate and time we will refund your deposit. In the event “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” is unable to re-rent the cancelled period, the total rental amount, including taxes and all applicable fees, will be due in accordance to the confirmation terms, with all advance rental payments forfeited.
Terms and Conditions


**Tax not included in nightly rates**

Check in time is after 3:00 PM and check out is before 9:00
. An early check-in or late check-out is available for a fee.


By state law, occupancy may not exceed what is posted for each home. Maximum
occupancy includes infants and children.

Due to security reasons, software and or files may not be downloaded by guests
on any in-home computer. NOTICE: All
properties represented by “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!”, are individually owned and
furnished to the needs of the owner. Owner's personal property must be

respected. “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” represents the owner(s) of the property(s) in
a client/agency relationship. The terms Guest(s) & Tenant(s) are used
interchangeably and are defined as the principal party(s) renting a vacation
property & those accompanying the principal party.   Please Review Terms and conditions of occupancy
as these terms apply to all properties. Terms and Conditions are not subject to
any modification.


  • Total Rental Rate (plus pet fees if applicable)

  • Additional charges if any, for High chair/Crib/rentals.

1. RESERVATION DEPOSIT: Reservations require an initial 30%
reservation deposit that is applied toward the entire reservation. Upon receipt
of initial reservation deposit, a confirmation with payment due dates will be
mailed to the principal party named on the reservation. 

2. PAYMENT/BALANCE DUE: Booking and Reservations is offered on a
'first come, first served' basis. So, we can only guarantee
your booking and reservation after we have received confirmation of payment in
full via Bank of America, National Commercial Bank, Bank of Novia Scotia,
PayPal, Inter-Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card
in U.S. funds. All reservations without payments are automatically cancelled in
48 hours. The remaining balance is due within 30 days prior to arrival. The
reservation may be cancelled without further notice if timely payment is not received
by “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” by due date. 

3. SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT (REFUNDABLE): A minimum Security/Damage deposit
of $200USD may be required. The Security/Damage deposit is to insure compliance
with the Terms of Occupancy. The Security/Damage deposit is held until
determination of condition and content of the rental property upon check-out.
Security/Damage deposits will be mailed within 21 days after departure in the
form of a company check, provided there are no charges pending. Charges are
assessed to cover damage. Please report any problems or damages observed in the
rental property upon check-in. Unreported problems and /or damages are assumed
to have occurred during occupancy and guest shall be held responsible for those

4. CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be in writing. 

Funds paid to “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!”, are refundable, less 10% administrative
fees, if reservations are cancelled with at least 30 days’ notice. Full refund
will be offered for reservations cancelled with less than 30 days’ notice only
if we re-book the reservation. We will make every effort to re-rent your home.
If we are able to re-rent the home for the same rate and time we will refund
your deposit. In the event “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” is unable to re-rent the
cancelled period, the total rental amount, including taxes and all applicable
fees, will be due in accordance to the confirmation terms, with all advance
rental payments forfeited. 

to owner preference or allergy concerns. 

6. METHOD OF PAYMENT: All rates quoted by “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” are amounts
payable by cash, money order, or credit card in U.S. funds. “CHOOSE TO BE
HAPPY!” accepts MasterCard and Visa credit cards. All non-U.S. Bank Drafts are
subject to collection and processing fees. To avoid excessive bank fees, we
suggest obtaining drafts on U.S. banks. 

7. CHECK-IN TIME (3PM): Check-ins take place at the properties after 3:00PM.
Please schedule arrivals accordingly. If a guest is to arrive after 10:00PM,
call for special instructions for picking up your keys. “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!”
cannot provide a late check-in if tenants have a balance due. Guests shall not proceed
to the rental property, including driveways, beaches or docks prior to 3:00p.m.
Check-In. Guest(s) may be charged one additional day rental if property is
occupied prior to 3 p.m. Keys are not released until 3 p.m. on
the day of arrival. 

8. CHECK-OUT TIME (9AM): Check-Out and vacating the property on the day of
departure is 9:00 a.m. Guest will be charged one additional day rental if
property is not

vacated by Check-Out time. All property keys must be returned. There is a
$25.00 charge to principal party for lost, missing or keys not returned
to “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” by 9:00 a.m. on day of departure. Fees for non-returned
keys will be charged to guest. 

9. SUBLETTING PROHIBITED: Guest acknowledges that the rental property may not be
sublet. Subleasing shall immediately void any rental agreement with no refund
due to guest. 

10. GUEST/OCCUPANCY: Vacation properties are limited to the maximum occupancy
as stated in the confirmation provided with these terms of occupancy. Overnight
guests (8:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.) are limited to the maximum occupancy limits and
includes all adults and children. 

11. HOUSE PARTIES/LARGE GATHERINGS: House parties and large gatherings
exceeding maximum occupancy are prohibited and may result in guest's immediate

12. QUIET HOURS: For guest's enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, please
respect quiet times between 9PM and 8AM. 

13. ACCOMMODATIONS: Accommodations range from luxury homes to basic functional
apartments. All properties are privately owned, individually furnished and
equipped for housekeeping with basic items such as pillows, blankets, cookware,
flatware and dishes. Other small appliances, chairs, grills, TV, radio, fans,
etc., may or may not be provided. “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” is unable to provide
additional furnishings or appliances. 

best efforts to have mechanical (water, septic, electrical and plumbing) and
appliance failures corrected as soon as possible, but cannot control the
scheduling of outside service contractors. NO REFUNDS will be made for
appliance(s) or mechanical failures or breakdowns. “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” shall
have the right to arrange, inspect and make repairs during rental period.
Tenant will be charged for unnecessary maintenance and service calls or repairs
caused by abuse beyond normal wear and tear. NO refunds will be made for the
malfunction of appliances or other equipment. 

15. CONSTRUCTION: We cannot predict when or where new construction will begin.
“CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” has no control in these situations, and cannot move or
offer refunds on confirmed reservations if construction occurs near the
property being occupied for rental purposes. 

16. PROPERTY RESERVED: Each rental property is privately owned and reflects the
owner's personal taste. Each property is represented by “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!”
as realistically as possible with regard to space, physical size and

17. COMMUNITY RULES/REGULATIONS: Some individual communities and associations
have rules and regulations that become part of the guests Terms and conditions
of Occupancy. Community rules that apply are provided to tenant at check-in or
may be requested prior to occupancy. 

18. UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: If the rental property becomes unavailable or
uninhabitable, “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” reserves the right to move a guest to a
comparable location accommodating the same number of persons and within the
same price range. “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” cannot guarantee availability or
comparability of other properties. Owner and “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” are not
liable for any acts of nature or major mechanical failure that would prohibit
or limit the use of a property. 

19. ERRORS & OMISSIONS: “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” has taken great effort
to ensure the information in our brochure, website and all of our printed
material are accurate. We cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions, or
change in prices. All rental properties are privately owned and their
furnishings vary depending upon the owners' taste. “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” cannot
guarantee the presence of particular listed furnishings because they may change
from time to time depending on the owner's taste. 

20. LIABILITY: Guest(s) hereby agree(s) to hold and save harmless “CHOOSE TO BE
HAPPY!”, their employees, and the property owner from damages or injuries

to personal property by reason of any cause whatsoever, either in or about the
occupied property or elsewhere. 

21. AGENCY DISCLOSURE: “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” represents the property owner(s). 

22. GUEST RESPONSIBILITY: The guest whose name appears on the confirmation is
responsible for all terms and conditions set forth in this document for them,
their guests or others they may have visiting or staying at the vacation rental
property during their term of occupancy. 

of the terms of occupancy, property rules, community rules or regulations, the
guest(s) may be asked to vacate the property by “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!” and NO
refund will be due to guest(s). GUEST